Server Migration Service

FREE for all customers!

Moving your server to another hosting provider can sometimes be painful. Or perhaps, you are just not comfortable doing this
yourself and you don’t have a developer. Agile Networks offers three options with which to migrate your server onto our
hosting platform.

Our server migration service provides you with the peace of mind that your site will work, first time, every time.

Migration to Agile Networks

1. Self Service

If you would like to migrate your server yourself, we have a range of articles in our knowledgebase to assist with the transfer.

These articles will walk you through the process of migrating your server from most known control panels.

If you run into trouble with the migration, simply call or email us using the contact links below and our expert team
will assist you in getting the server migrated.

2. Developer Assisted

Your current server may be to large or complex for you to attempt the migration. In this case, if you have a developer, we would recommend
they be involved in the migration. As for the self service, your developer can access our knowledgebase in case they get stuck and
we are always on hand should they need to speak with one of our fantastic team.

Please note that your developer may charge for this service and we are not responsible for the costs incurred.

3. Agile Networks Assisted

If you neither have the skills, or a developer to migrate your server for you, simply contact us and we will perform the migration for you.

In order to successfully migrate your server, we will need the login details to the control panel or shell of your previous server.

In some circumstances, code changes are required in order to make the server applications or websites work on our platform. Our team will contact you if this is the case.

Please note that coding changes to applications or websites is not included in our free migration service.

The Migration Outline

  1. Check server Compatability
  2. Create backup of existing server
  3. migrate the websites/applications to our platform
  4. Test the websites/applications to ensure functionality
  5. Send the websites/applications live on our platform